Spreading the charms of Japan to the world from Fukui


Geisha/Geiko Experience at Awara Onsen in Fukui


Traditional culture

On December, 6th, 2015, Charlotte from Australia participated in an event of “experiencing the traditional Japanese dancing (Geisha dancing) and its live music show” at Awara Traditional Entertainment Center in Fukui, Japan.


Ms. Madoka Shisenya, founder of Ozashiki Culture, Madoka Club showed Charlotte the Ozashiki Culture. Geiko, Ms. Hisano performed a traditional Japanese dancing, Geiko / Geisha dancing. After Ms. Hisano’s performance, Charlotte experienced playing Ozashiki Asobi, Japanese traditional games called “Omawari-san” and “Konpira Fune Fune”



Charlotte and Happeace man

In front of the venue, we saw the local mystery hero “Happeace man” (Happy, peace and smile man).


Japanese traditional party game, Omawari-san

First traditional party game was “Omawari-san”. The participant who lost at the rock, paper, scissors turn around once on the beat of the drum which is hit by the opponent. Losing the rock, paper, scissors three times, then the person is lost that he/she can’t play the game anymore.



Second one was “Konpira Fune Fune”. Along with the rhythm of the Shamisen, participants tap the small box (or cup) or they sometimes take the small box away. When the opponent takes the small box away, then the other person close his/her hand and put it on the small table. As the rhythm of the Shamisen goes faster, then the game becomes difficult (but exciting and enjoyable).


Autograph from the Geiko, Ms.Hisano

Charlotte won the rock, paper, scissors for the last parts of the event and she receives the autograph of the Geiko, Mr. Hisano.

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