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Spring in water city, Yanagawa, Fukuoka Prefecture


Traditional culture

Correspondent Report

We created this video from one which Japan Systembank Corp. Fukuoka Branch provided us.


“Water City” Yanagawa City is located in the south of Fukuoka Prefecture. There are crisscrossing moats of with a total length of 930km in the city. The river boat ride which goes down the moats is its well-known sightseeing spot.


sagemon(good-luck item)

In Yanagawa region, there is a custom which they hang many “sagemon”(good-luck item) to pray for girls’ healthy growth since the Edo Period. During the Yanagawa Dolls’ Festival Sagemon Meguri from February to April, “sagemon” is decorated throughout the city such as in Ohana, which is an annex of the lord of the Yanagawa Domain, Tachibana family.


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