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“Arigato Project 2016” -Planting and Harvesting Rice Experience-


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We introduce the planting rice experience which was conducted in May and the harvesting rice experience conducted in August as events of “Arigato Project 2016”. ("Arigato" means thank you in Japanese) Arigato Project has been established by authorized dealers Kokuryu brewery for young people who are responsible for the next generation to know the attractiveness of sake.
The participants are age of 20 to 30, residents of Fukui Prefecture, employees or students in Fukui. They plant rice, harvest it, study about how sake is made and deepen understanding of sake. Some of the previous participants became interested in sake so much that they decided to work at sake breweries.


planting rice in strong wind

May 3rd, Rice Planting in the unusual strong windy day


lunch after planting rice

The homemade lunch which was served after the rice planting



On August 28th, long-awaited rice harvesting


threshing by combine

The harvested rice was threshed by the combine.


Special thanks to:
Authorized dealers of Kokuryu, “Yushino Kai”
Juridical Agricultural Union
Kokuryu Brewery
The Former participants of Arigato projects
The participants of Arigato project 2016


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