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Following in the footsteps of Kazuo Noritake [PR for Fukui]



The video introduces a poet Kazuo Noritake, who planted seeds of literature in Fukui,
loved poems, people and Echizen Washi (Japanse paper made in Fukui).
He published many potry collections about Japanese paper and used Echizen Washi for binding of his books.


Noritake was born in Tottori Prefecture but after the war, he stayed with his mentor, a poet Tatsuji Miyoshi,
who evacuated to Mikuni Town, Sakai City in Fukui Prefecture.
And even after Miyoshi had left Mikuni, he stayed in Fukui Prefecture.
He loved Mikuni and left the poem "Mikuni" in his poetry collection "Book of Paper".


From the TV program [PR for Fukui] broadcasted on Dec. 21st, 2014.
It is reprinted with permission from Fukui Prefecture. (Subtitled by GEN)

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