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Loop trip at Mt. Akausagi Part 2 - Corridor of autumn leaves which enjoys the view of Mt. Hakusan

I went to Mt. Akausagi(red rabbit), which is on the border between Fukui and Ishikawa Prefecture, on October 18th, 2015. Early that morning, six men and women in their 60s to 70s gathered at a climbing gear shop "Yusanko" located in Tawara-machi, Fukui City. They were all hale and I just barely managed to follow them.


That day, we walked a 7-hour loop course at Mitsudan in Ishikawa Prefecture as the starting point. This video Part 2 shows that nice and cozy walking along the ridge path which could even be called a "Corridor of autumn leaves".


After an hour walk enjoying autumn leaves, there was an ordeal at the end.
Between Mitsugoishi(back Akausagi) just before Mt. Akausagi and it, there was a steep descent and a long ascent that it was described "Unimaginably steep" in the course map distributed that day.


When you arrived at the top of Mt.Akausagi, there are no large trees that cut off the view anymore. This is Mt.Hakusan viewed from the top of Mt. Akausagi, which is right before it gets covered with snow.




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