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Walk around Kyoto after reading the books by Tsutomu Mizukami




Tsutomu Mizukami, who was a writer from Fukui Prefecture, was sent to Zuishunin in the precincts of Shokokuji Temple for training at young age.

Such experiences at the Zen temple gave him "Temple of the Wild Geese", "The Burning of the Golden Pavilion" and "Gobancho Yugiriro" that were derived from the arson attack by a young monk from the same Wakasa region, Fukui Prefecture as Mizukami.



In his essay "Temples in Kyoto", he wrote about the garden of Kinkakuji Temple and he admired the beauty as the fruit of Japanese people's aesthetics. This path from Shariden to the Tea House Sekkatei, never get tired of looking at even if he walks many times, was his favorite walkway.



In present Gobancho, which formed the setting of the novel about Kinkakuji Temple and a sad love, there are only few old traces of geisha district but the main character of the novel is named on a representative souvenir from Kyoto.



In the age which the Golden Pavilion aimed "The Pure Land of Amitabha", the bank of Kamogawa River was like hell where many people starved to death and the bodies were piled up.

Thinking about "Ikkyu" who lived in the age



and the heroine Shizuka in Pontocho of "A river in Kyoto", the day in Kyoto ends.


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