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Charity activity to seek foster family for cats



There is an active kitten that is curious to a camera, and another one is meowing feebly.

We visited a charity event to seek foster family for cats held by NPO "Save dogs and cats in Fukui", which they continue patient activity to reduce cats and dogs( most are kittens ) being killed by the local government.


Two kittens which are siblings, a male and a female, were adopted by foster parents who seem like kind ones. The staff who had been taking care of the cats seems to be happy, but at the same time she looks like she misses them.


Not everyone can become foster parents. Ages and family structures etc. must be qualified to be ones.


They do not move the cats from their original cages to the ones which foster parents brought with them. This is to avoid the situation that the cats run away and become lost, so they bring the cats to their foster parents' cars and move them to their new homes inside the cars. It is their consideration for the cats not to be in unhappy situations ever again.