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Michael Hedges's "Ritual Dance" performed by Masaaki Kimura, a deaf guitarist



This is the performance of Masaaki Kimura, a miraculous guitarist who is a completely deaf. Kimura played Michael Hedges's "Ritural Dance" in the first music live show of the music cheering group "Jonetsu Gundan" (Passionate Group), "Musication, Oasis" in Fukui on February 28th, 2016.


How does he play the guitar even though he is a deaf? To answer this simple question, the MC for the events, Mr. WIZARD said that Kimura used the special guitar which let him feel the sound vibration easier, made at a guitar shop, "Yairi Guitar" in Gifu Prefecture. Although I heard the reason why he can play the guitar now, I still think it must be difficult to feel and know each note from the vibration of the neck.


For the profile of Masaaki Kimura, please click here.

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