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First anniversary of Fukui Museum Of Literature [PR for Fukui]



Reporter Naoko Matsuda will introduce the activity of Fukui Museum Of Literature which a year has passed since the opening.


Fukui Prefecture produces many excellent writers such as Akutagawa Prize and Naoki Prize winners.


At the Fukui Museum Of Literature, they opened "Fukui Literature Seminar" in July last year to support young generation's debut which follows such writers. And 28 students took the lecture. In the seminar, the students learned about from elementary content such as how to write novels to how to choose subjects and storyline on technique and mental attitude from an editor of a major publisher.


In the final seminar, they invited a popular writer Mitsuyo Kakuta and learned about how to create a novel.


At the Fukui Museum Of Literature, they are holding a special exhibition until April 10th (2016). Along the keyword "Travel", they introduce the attraction of works of Basho MATSUO who visited Fukui and Machi Tawara who is related to Fukui with information about their travel.


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